Blind Tarn, Eskdale


Blind Tarn is one of two patches of open water in Sineytarn Moss on the hills between Eskdale and Miterdale. This is the smaller of the two, and like the larger Siney Tarn is now made up of at least two patches of water - a small western patch and the much larger eastern patch. Blind Tarn doesn't appear to be shrinking in quite the same way as Siney Tarn, which the grass and moss of Sineytarn Moss is slowly filling in.


Grid Reference of centre: NY 162 009
Altitude: 750ft


How to Reach

The easiest way to reach Blind Tarn is from Beckfoot in Eskdale. Follow the path that climbs steeply up the hillside to Blea Tarn. The path passes the western end of this tarn and rises up a more gentle slope towards the area that holds both Blind Tarn and Siney Tarn. Blind Tarn can be found just to the west of this path.

The tarn can also be reached from Miterdale. Cross the Mite at Low Place and follow the path that runs up the valley. After a short distance turn right onto a path that climbs up the hillside in a gap between former plantations. At the top of the climb take a path that branches off to the left heading across the flatter fell top towards Siney Tarn and Blind Tarn.


None of our walks visit Blind Tarn


No becks flow into Blind Tarn


No Becks flow out of Blind Tarn - the water seeps away through the wet ground towards Siney Tarn.

Other Features


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