A Great British Miscellany - About Us

Grace Gant

about me:

I love writing. Always have. Poems are my absolute favourite, with story writing a close second.

When writing poems, mostly I am trying to record an honest opinion or thought/s on what I have seen.

I find with story writing that if the characters are there, a story almost writes itself!

I would love to hear from other "write - a - holics". Opinions, thoughts or even material that you think would be suitable to display on this website. e mail to: grace_gant@hotmail.co.uk (no payment will be made for any materials received). Don't forget, the site will eventually cover many areas of Britain.

John Rickard

I'm the map drawer, web designer and creator of the more factual side of the site.

I love the wild places of this country, so expect to see walks in the Welsh Mountains, the Lakes, the Dales and the Northern Pennines appear here.

If you have any comments on our walks or our site in general, email me