Our poems are all inspired by aspects of the British countryside, with a focus at the moment on the north of England.

A warm welcome to Richie Mais who has submitted a poem that we are delighted to include on this web site.  Those who have walked in the Malham area of North Yorkshire will especially enjoy Richard’s powerful and evocative work:  Malham Trod.

Terry Watkins is a skilled, evocative writer and we are delighted to include his poems "A Storm on the Moor" and 'The New Forest'   Without further ado we will let the poems speak for themselves.


Pow Hill Bog by Grace Gant

Meeting of the Waters

Rowan by Grace Gant

Juniper by Grace Gant

Lambs Ramblers Boots by Terry Watkins

What will February be Like? by Grace Gant

The Yorkshire Dales

January in Richmond by Grace Gant

Malham Trod by Richie Mais

A Storm on the Moor by Terry Watkins

A Yellowbelly's Yorkshire by Terry Watkins

Darlington and the North East

Angel of the North by Grace Gant

Brick Train by Grace Gant

North Pennines

December Barnard Castle by Grace Gant

"Across Cow Green" by Grace Gant

Low Force by Grace Gant

Across Cow Green Again by Grace Gant

Meeting of the Waters by John Rickard

Barnard Castle by Grace Gant

The Other Side by Grace Gant

Musician’s Malady by Grace Gant

October Middleton in Teesdale by Grace Gant

Appleby by Grant Gant

Lake District

Elusive Squirrel by Grace Gant

Adder by Grace Gant

The Muncaster Blues by Grace Gant

Sour Milk Gill by Grace Gant

October Buttermere Not Written by Grace Gant

Aira Force by Grace Gant

Have you seen a Tizzie Wizzie by Grace Gant

Lodore Falls by Grace Gant

Benjamin by Grace Gant

Descent from Styhead Tarn by Grace Gant

Mayburgh Henge by Grace Gant

Black Combe by Grace Gant

No Snow at St Bees by Grace Gant

Ponsonby Fell by Grace Gant

Aira Force Again by Grance Gant

Kielder Forest and Lake

Around Kielder Water and Kielder Pines by Grace Gant

Our first poem was 'The Minotaur Maze', by Grace Gant

Squirrels by Grace Gant, inspired by the Red Squirrels of Kielder

Kielder Water by Grace Gant

North York Moors

The Orange Tree by Grace Gant, inspired by a very relaxing weekend

Our second poem was 'Grouse' by Grace Gant

On Green Danby Moor by Grace Gant, inspired by a fruitful walk on the moors

Osmotherley by Grace Gant

Down By The Water by Grace Gant

Change at Osmotherley by Grace Gant

Poems on Walking

For a Walk by Grace Gant, thoughts on the use of walking as an aid to calm.

Pennine Trail by Alan Corkish

National Walking Day by Alan Corkish

What Colour are Mountains? by Grace Gant

Textual Stalking by Grace Gant

Why Walk? by Grace Gant

Country Traditions

Bee Reave by Richie Mais

Poems inspired by other areas

Christmas in the Wind by Terry Watkins

death of a sheep by Alan Corkish

Ainsdale by Alan Corkish

Ainsdale Forest by Alan Corkish

Formby Beach by Alan Corkish

Hightown Beach by Alan Corkish

The New Forest by Terry Watkins

The Moorland Sheep by Terry Watkins

On the building of the Burley bypass by Terry Watkins

The Humber by Terry Watkins

A Farewell to Autumn by Terry Watkins