Suitable for all ages, Presenting Pavlova introduces the reader to sheep characters of the North Pennines.  Share in their lives and adventures.  Feel their elation and determination.  At times, note their sorrow.  Pavlova will lead you gently into the natural landscape of hills, dales, scars and valleys.

Travels of the Twins sees our sheep leave their Pennine home to visit Hadrian's Wall, where they will encounter an old enemy.

Our third story, Over the Hills and Far Away, sees the sheep travel to the Lakes to rescue young Hickory

Our fourth story, Sightings at Small Water, sees the sheep investigate ghostly visitations.

Our fifth story, Hadrian's Wall and Hickory, sees the sheep visit Hadrian's Wall and run into an old enemy

Our sixth story, The Boundary Stone by Grace Gant, explores the world of a whole new set of characters, as they deal with a crisis in Parsnip Park

Our seventh story, The Hedgehog Rescued by Hugh Pannell, follows the exploits of a lost hedgehog.