We open our food section with a series of Yorkshire recipes.

Cumberland Sausage has now gained a limited amount of protection, with 'Traditional Cumberland Sausage' gaining Protected Geographical Indication status. To be called Traditional Cumberland Sausage the sausage must be made in Cumbria, be 20mm wide and contain at least 80% meat. It must be served in a coil, and contain more spice than normal sausages (see full specification here). Be aware that this only applies to 'Traditional Cumberland Sausages' - normal 'Cumberland Sausage' has no protection, so 'buyer beware!' - I've seen so-called 'cumberland sausages' on sale (in Cumbria) containing 40% meat and virtually no spices.

Cooking and Recipes

The Slow Cooker is a super aid on a walking holiday - here we give an introduction to its use by the walker.


Moody Baker, Barnard Castle

North Wall cured meats, Hexham market

Bessy Beck Trout Fishery